Is Laravel the Future of PHP
Jul 04

Is Laravel the Future of PHP

Laravel is a modern web application framework known for its unique designs. It follows an MVC structure and features the capability of customizing web applications in easier, quicker way. When it was still in its infancy, there’s a lot of skepticism going its way. However, it has a fair share of enthusiasts who believed in the potential of Laravel.

Years ago, Laravel was already trending but it was well behind other PHPs, such as CodeIgniter, Yii, Cake PHP, and Zend Framework. It doesn’t have the same confidence that people have in other PHPs for being relatively new. However, there are definitely good reasons that make Laravel the future of PHP. For starter, Laravel has an amazing time-saving advantage and can handle all kinds of web development jobs.

Besides time savings, Laravel is a well-documented PHP. This makes the learning curve relatively shorter. You can sit down and learn about the framework faster than any other frameworks. Laravel’s design is easy to understand and made to simplify development. It allows you to contribute to the project in as short as two days. This is how easy and quick to learn about Laravel.

A group of passionate developers created Laravel, built from their shared knowledge. Almost all packages built with Laravel are free. Meaning anyone can use and contribute to it since it is open source. This is also one of the reasons that Laravel continues to trend among other frameworks. According to SimilarTech, there are over 55 454 websites developed using Laravel worldwide.

Out of those, there are over 45 000 websites that are unique domains. The most encountered Laravel domains are in Travel, Business, Social, Entertainment, Technology, and News. Laravel is growing incredibly fast. Many website owners are curious about the advantages this framework offers. Today, it is now the most renowned PHP framework among web developers as per Google.

There are a lot of companies offering Laravel based development services. Development work on Laravel is being outsourced and lot of organizations are ready to hire Laravel developers as a dedicated development model.

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Six Proven Methods to Increase Website traffic to the Brand New Site
Jan 17

Six Proven Methods to Increase Website traffic to the Brand New Site

In the digital world, everyone is striving to increase their website traffic and leads, thus they get customers to succeed in their business.

Driving quality traffic to a website is not an easy task. It requires more effort to attain what we need, yet there are some ways that help you see the result in 24 hours. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months always to increase the traffic to your blog or website.

The result driven methods are listed below:

Add a New Blog: You will always have more traffic when you write a quality blog for your targeted audience. This traffic will increase the traffic as well as subscribers to your blog/website.

Tweet at different times: You can’t expect all your followers to be online at the time you tweet. Take morning and night at 10 to release tweets with your new post. In my experience, it is the best time to launch a post on Twitter.

Post your blog in news aggregators: Share your blogs in websites like Digg and StumbleUpon to bring targeted traffic from there to your website. These kind of websites are providing you with the quality traffic and improves your website ranking.

Guest Blogging: If you have an article prepared and it has the potential to attract attention, try posting it to another site in your niche that has a lot more traffic than yours. The only thing that you should ask in return is a link to your website.

Participate in LinkedIn groups: There are many groups that may be related to the topics you treat in your blog. The most important thing is to bring value to discussions and not simply trying to “sneak” your web link.

Comment on blogs: It is not worth commenting on blogs and leaving a link to your blog. Your comment should add value to the discussion of the blog to gain a considerable amount of traffic to your website.

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